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Lash Extensions

Full Set: $200. 2 hours.

3 to 5 week fill: $70. 1 hour.

5+ week fill: $90. 1 1/4 hour.

Quick touch up between fills:

$50. 1/2 hour.

Extensions are not for everyone, especially people with sensitive eyes or Rosacea.

Please read all the information below before committing  to lash extensions.

Preparing for Eyelash Extensions:

Come to the appointment wearing no eye makeup or eye creams.

Contact lenses may not be worn during procedure. Wear glasses instead.

Read all  the information given so you know what is involved with the application procedure.

Read the important post application care requirements.

Remember that you will need to return every 3 to 5 weeks for refills to keep lashes looking good.

Fill out profile questionnaire and consent form.

Eyelash Extensions After Care

First 24-48 hours (most important!):

Be very gentle with your eyes and new lashes.

Avoid oil-based ANYTHING near the eye.

Avoid exposure to water, shower, heat, steam (especially hot air from the oven and warm steam from the dishwasher) and tanning.

Avoid touching your eyes and lashes.

Do not use makeup or mascara.

Long Term:

Do not rub your eyes.

Do not pick at your lashes.

Avoid touching them unnecessarily.

Do not sleep on your face.

Avoid all oil-based mascara (including waterproof mascara).

Do not use oil-based cleansers or makeup.

Do not frequently visit the sauna or steam room.


After 3 to 5 weeks, some of your natural lashes will have fallen out. Eyelash extensions will have to be reapplied to new lash growth every 3 to 5 weeks. It may be necessary to remove a few false lashes if they have grown crooked or too long.


Please note:

Bliss has a 24 hour cancellation policy.

If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment please do so within 24 hours.

If 24 hours notice is not given or you fail to show up for an appointment a fee may occur.

Actual Lash Extension Clients

A natural low key set of lashes per client request. 

A more dramatic set of lashes using 11mm and 12mm lashes on outer corners and in the middle with 10mm on inner corners.

A fuller set with a focus on volume rather than length.

A before picture without lash extensions.

An after picture with extensions applied.